The "AULA SIMFONIA JAKARTA", with a seating capacity of 1,400 seats, include choir and orchestra seats, sited in the areal of, Kemayoran, Center of Jakarta, is carefully designed by Dr. Stephen Tong. With Dr. Tong's sharp architectural technique yet strong artistic value, this fine concert hall is able to reach a good acoustic level. Flow of pure and original sounds and voices accomplishes the entire artistic design. The direct sound and early reflection level, together with the reverberation of the hall is all carefully considered.

A proper wooden stage that is purposely placed in the center part of the concert hall enables the audiences of all level of seats to enjoy a crystal clear view of the performance. This 6 storeys concert hall owns few special music equipment. The concert class Steinway & Sons stands grandly in the heart of for the recording need of the whole play. A high accuracy in all details of a good hall is the key for an achievement of one performance. This place is definitely a new home for classical music lovers.


The highlight of the entire concert hall is having the 3217 pipes of Pipe Organ well structured in the center part of the hall. Made in year 1962, this CASSAVAN, Canadian original organ weights about 20,000 lbs, brings out the essential peak of this quality focused music hall. From the name itself, the organ is renown to all Organist and Organ fonder for its excellent recognized debut.

Pipe Organ is one of the oldest music instruments which bear a wonderful natural of sound. In the early 12th century, most of the churches in the Western world would possess a pipe organ. Each pipe stands for a single tone that makes this instrument so unique. Without any touches of modern technology, merely depends on each individual construction of the pipe, elegance yet noble sounds are flowing out.

With a minor knowledge of our younger generation about this unique and grand instrument, Pipe Organ is really almost being left behind. The modern music and technology had dragged us to love music more from the sentimental side of us. The proper great music is actually meant to nurture and lead us to recognize the glory of the Creator.